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Red Runner Open Source

Red Runner Open Source

Red Runner is now an open source game, always will be.

An Awesome Game made with this awesome pack:

Red Runner
Awesome Platformer Game.

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Update 1.8.5:

Added New Tiles

Added New Chest and animation

Character Animation Update

Release Version: 1.8

The below animations added:

  • Run
  • Idle
  • Jump

GUI Update

Enjoy New Release!

Release Version: 1.7

Added 36 GUI Buttons, Icons in 4 Colors

Added Level Selection

Fixed Chest Animation

Added Tiles

Added Background


Amazing game asset with several tree, background, environment elements, complete tile set, coin animation,chest animation, water animation, clouds & much more ...

This Game asset is Pixel Perfect and full vector. its ready-to-use asset and you can create Great Games with this asset.

There is some updates for this game assets that send free for buyers in future.

Folder includes Separate Ai, EPS CS Files and Transparent png Files for All Assets.

PNG File Includes:

(preview vector file is included)

Background: 2048x1536, 1920x1080 and Clouds

Character: 1x, 2x, 4x

Chest: 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024

Coin & Water Animations in 2 different sizes

Environment Elements: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048

Spikes (in several type): 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512

Tile Set: 128x128, 256x256, 512x512

Also available on Unity Assetstore

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Hi Bayat Games, 

Now I am trying to learn Unity and I have started using the images of this amazing asset, I have changed the dynamics of the game completely and it adds many more features ...

I know that you have commented that it is free to use and any educational or commercial project, but if I launch the game in some store, do you want me to put your name somewhere in the game?

Hi, thanks for letting us know.

Make sure to share your awesome game with us, we want to be first players of your game ;)

Also, it is not required to include our name or brand on game or somewhere, it is free and you are allowed to do anything without any attribution, just enjoy it mate.


Awesome Assets, love it


Thank you for providing the assets.  Does it come with a demo game for educational purposes?



Red Runner

Yes the game made both for educational and demo purposes.

We can provide the source code if you need it.

The game is made in Unity.


If you could provide the codes, that would be wonderful.  The course used UE last year and we're looking to transition to Unity starting this Fall semester.  Thanks!

Sure, it will be available on itch.io and GitHub as soon as possible.

Check out the Red Runner page to get notified for source code.


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I love this assets pack, thanks for sharing ! 

Will you animate the character ?

Hi, thanks.

What do you mean by animating the character? do you need spritesheet animation?

As with the animation of water or coin, a sequence of images for certain actions:

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump

All character animations added, enjoy and check them out.

Let us know if you need more content.

It's awesome, thank you !

Thank u you make me soo happy with this professional assets <3

I made a game with this pack its called Jumpobot u can look at it on this site ^^

Good job.

Our official game will be released in these days that made using this pack.

Thanks for sharing.


These assets are amazing.Can i use these assets for my commercial game??

Hi,  Thanks for your review.

you are free to make your own game with these graphics and share them here. ;-)

This assets is completely free.

Kind Regards.

They look so cute lol I´ll give them a try right away :)


These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.

These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.

(Edited 1 time)

You do great work! I think a lot of people may appreciate character animations over character parts. You've got a lot here to make a game. I look forward to making a little something with it :-)

With the coins sprite sheets its easier to import things if they are the same width. So even when the coin is rotating and its with goes from 128 x 128 to 64 x 128 the sprite should still be 128 x 128.

Thanks for your review.

We are going to create an awesome game with this graphics pack for an example of usage.

The game will released as soon (in this week) in beta program.

Also you are free to make your own game with these graphics and share them here. ;-)

Kind Regards.