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Does anyone know how to import the idle animation using a strip? I have tried multiple times, but the character is not individually divided

Can I use this asset?But I'm only less than 18


Hey! Thanks for these assets, they're great! Just to let you know, I've them in my game =)

The game is currently available on Google Play Store, so feel free to have a look:

I hope you like it!


btw can i use this on commercial project?



You can use this Asset in any commercial or non-commercial projects without any issues.








Does this work without coding?

This pack only includes graphical assets, no logic.
Thanks for commenting.




Hi, I have created my first game using these assets. It will be available on 25 Aug, 2020 on Play Store Thanks for the amazing assets.

Check this link for the game.

Thank you for the amazing assets.😀

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Hi, Thanks for sharing your great work with us.


Hello, tell me please, I downloaded this graphics and I did not like that all the animation of the character on one PNG sheet! How do I divide the animation by 1 frame in order to add it to the Construct 2 game engine by one frame! Why do all the character animation on one PNG sheet!? How do I divide it now?

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Can I trade with these free assets and post them on the Play Store?

You can use them in any commercial or non-commercial projects without any issues.


 Good art work. Can we use this assets pack in any engine

Yeah, of course, just import the image files and use them inside your desired engine.

thanks a lot, just what I needed.

Hi! i just wonder how i use the character i download

I am creating a Fusion tutorial to teach in poor schools in Rio de Janeiro. I thought about using the Red Runner. Can I use it?


Red runner is a Open Source Project that you can use it for any purpose you like.

Thanks and Good luck

Hi , I would like to create a game that I will publish on Google Play Store using this assets. Can I used this or not?

Your assets are great! Keep it Up!

Thanks! <3


This is a great Asset Pack! Everything is well done and all looks great!

I'll definitely use it in one of my YouTube game making tutorials, explaining how to create this effect:

Looks great, keep us posted!


Thank you so much for making this pack!! The assets are great but I'm not sure how to use the character animation. I'm quite new to unity and the pictures haven't come individually, so I haven't been able to figure out how to make them move. Is there anything I can do besides screenshotting the individual character pictures? 

You can slice the animation sheet with Unity Sprite Editor, then you can use all the frames individually.
First make sure to import the sheet as Sprite and as Multiple (not Single) then you can slice it using Sprite Editor.
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much!! 

Hi, could you draw more traps and enemies with animations.

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
If you are looking for extended enemies and traps, you can take a look at Ultimate version of this package.

Platform Game Assets Ultimate

very nice thank you for you r work!

thank you.. May I use this platformer for college assignment, thank you.. Cheers

Thanks, we're glad you like it.

You can use it for any project.

Hi Bayat Game. I find this an awsome pack! I would like to make a game using this asset and put it to google play store. Can i use it when user will be charge for removing the ads on the game or its not allowed? Where should i put you as credit? Is it from google play description or game itself? Thank you for answering. 

Hi, no credit or attribution is required, it is all optional.
Also, don't forgot to share your game with us!

No character animation in zip file. Is it only available in unity asset store?

Hi, the animation is available at Update 1.8/Character Animation.

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I use for my games, do these items work in there, (i also have PDN for image editing)

I think it should, the package contains the traditional image format and should work everywhere.


Love the assets. How can I separate the GUI and convert it into .png? I am using Godot engine.


Thanks, we're glad you like it.
You can slice the images using any external image editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop, or some tools available online for slicing sprite sheets.
As far as I know Godot is same to Unity in many aspects, and I think it is possible to slice the sprite sheets right inside the Game Engine.
Hope this helps, thanks!

I like the way the assets look. I was wondering if this can work in Gamesalad?

Hi, this is just game assets and it doesn't matter which game engine you are using and willing to use, you can use these assets for all of them without efforts, hope it does well for you.


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Hello it's very good . Can  i use  this assets for a  Unity course . With my students?

You can use it for any project without any problems, it free and always will be.
I would like call it Open Source graphics package, so it is open for any usage.

Hi, can i use these assets for a game template that will be on the unity asset store? Thanks

Hi, yes you can do that!

Thank you! I'll be sure to credit you when the game template is released

Hi Bayat Games, 

Now I am trying to learn Unity and I have started using the images of this amazing asset, I have changed the dynamics of the game completely and it adds many more features ...

I know that you have commented that it is free to use and any educational or commercial project, but if I launch the game in some store, do you want me to put your name somewhere in the game?

Hi, thanks for letting us know.

Make sure to share your awesome game with us, we want to be first players of your game ;)

Also, it is not required to include our name or brand on game or somewhere, it is free and you are allowed to do anything without any attribution, just enjoy it mate.


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Hello Bayat Games Friends,

I have uploaded the app and the link is the following I hope you like what I did with your help.

greetings and thanks...

Thanks for sharing the Game with us.

It is pretty good, but needs improvements as you know, I recommend you to join Game Development communities and share your game with them and keep improving.

A good game development community is Pixeland,  also you can find more by searching and exploring internet.

Hope this helps, Thanks.

Awesome Assets, love it


Thank you for providing the assets.  Does it come with a demo game for educational purposes?



Red Runner

Yes the game made both for educational and demo purposes.

We can provide the source code if you need it.

The game is made in Unity.


If you could provide the codes, that would be wonderful.  The course used UE last year and we're looking to transition to Unity starting this Fall semester.  Thanks!

Sure, it will be available on and GitHub as soon as possible.

Check out the Red Runner page to get notified for source code.


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I love this assets pack, thanks for sharing ! 

Will you animate the character ?

Hi, thanks.

What do you mean by animating the character? do you need spritesheet animation?

As with the animation of water or coin, a sequence of images for certain actions:

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump

All character animations added, enjoy and check them out.

Let us know if you need more content.

It's awesome, thank you !

Thank u you make me soo happy with this professional assets <3

I made a game with this pack its called Jumpobot u can look at it on this site ^^

Good job.

Our official game will be released in these days that made using this pack.

Thanks for sharing.


These assets are amazing.Can i use these assets for my commercial game??

Hi,  Thanks for your review.

you are free to make your own game with these graphics and share them here. ;-)

This assets is completely free.

Kind Regards.

They look so cute lol I´ll give them a try right away :)


These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.

These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.

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You do great work! I think a lot of people may appreciate character animations over character parts. You've got a lot here to make a game. I look forward to making a little something with it :-)

With the coins sprite sheets its easier to import things if they are the same width. So even when the coin is rotating and its with goes from 128 x 128 to 64 x 128 the sprite should still be 128 x 128.

Thanks for your review.

We are going to create an awesome game with this graphics pack for an example of usage.

The game will released as soon (in this week) in beta program.

Also you are free to make your own game with these graphics and share them here. ;-)

Kind Regards.

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